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Wine, Lubricants and the 5 S’s

Wine, Lubricants and the 5S’s Ever wondered how wine and lubricants go together? Actually, they don’t, but lubricants help assure E.J. Gallo wines come out tasting great every time. In 2012 E.J. Gallo wineries committed the resources needed to move its current asset management and maintenance program to a world class Asset Management and maintenance reliability program in order to improve their ROI. How does a 705% ROI sound? Gallo’s three main goals were: 1. Improve overall equipment efficiency 2. Reduce costs 3. Improve overall plant profitability. As part of their preliminary data collection process Gallo utilized it’s 5S system – Sort/Straighten/Shine/Systematize/Sustain. The 5S’s are a valuable tool for (more…)