How do I setup a web page for users to enter maintenance requests?

Answer: ExpressRequest is a simple program for users to enter maintenance requests via the network.  Request are written directly into the ExpressMaintenance database for processing into work orders.  In addition, maintenance requests can be entered via a web page interface directly into the Requests table of the ExpressMaintenance SQL database.  We provide you with sample .asp files which you simply adjust to connect to your server and to fit your organization needs.

Using a website development tool such as Microsoft FrontPage or Expression, you can easily edit the sample website pages to work in your environment.  You must have your the computer which contains the SQL Server or MSDE on the network or the internet in order to use this method.  Your web page must include a connection to the ExpressMaintenance SQL database and the Requests table.  To make this connection in Front Page follow the steps below.  Other website development tools will involve different steps but basically work the same way making a connection to the SQL server and database.

Setting Up Web Requesting

1. Begin by setting up your website and web pages as desired

2. Include the three sample web pages we provide which are eRequest.asp, eRequestOk.asp and eRequestErr.asp.

Download the .asp Files in Zip Format.

3. Using FrontPage, open the website and locate the eRequest.asp page

4. Right click on the requesting form and left click on Form Properties

5. Click on Send To Database radio button

6. Click on Options button and the dialog will appear as shown below