How do I fully register my licensed copy of ExpressMaintenance?

Answer: When you install ExpressMaintenance, the program automatically generates a serial number.  When you purchase a license to the program (or if your company has an enterprise license), you will need to be provide us with the serial number that appears on the opening registration / evaluation screen.   You can provide this serial number on the order form or email it to us: Email Support.  We will promptly assign a corresponding registration code for you to enter following instructions below.  If you have not purchased ExpressMaintenance, please see our ordering page.  Registering your copy is easy.  Simply follow the steps outlined below.

Registering ExpressMaintenance

1. Note or copy Serial Number as it appears on the opening registration screen

2. Provide Serial Number, your name, company name and location to us via order form or Email Sales.

3. Receive corresponding Registration Code via email

4. Run ExpressMaintenance

5. Click on Administration / Registration to access the Registration screen

6. Enter the Registration Code provided (replacing what is there)

7. Click the “Register” button, program will respond with licensed user information

8. Click the “Continue” button to proceed with using the program

9. Store your Serial Number and Registration Code in a safe place

Note About Workstation Setup

You do not need to install the program on each workstation.  You only need to install on a single computer that will function as the server for ExpressMaintenance and ExpressRequest.  You only need to setup shortcuts on the various workstations.  For full details, see the applicable tech bulletin – click here.

Note About Users Slots

ExpressMaintenance tracks the number of concurrent users accessing the program by saving information in a network access file.  This file resides in the folder where the Maintenance.exe file exist.  All users running ExpressMaintenance must have full read / write access to that folder in order to run ExpressMaintenance.  For more details, please see our knowledge base.