How can I add service tasks and notes to a service that applies to a unit?

Answer:  ExpressMaintenance allows you to easily include detailed task instructions or notes on any given service.  This can be done in two different manners through the use of very flexible rich text notes screens.

First, notes can be entered when the service is initially setup under Administration / Services.  Here you might enter general notes or task instructions that relate to a given service.

Services are associated with pieces of equipment and setup as PMs in the Maintenance / Units screen under the Services (PMs) tab.  Once the service is associated with a Unit, you can establish notes that relate to the unit and that particular service.  This is very helpful and you can inherit the general service notes into the unit specific service notes.  To access these notes, simply click on the Service Notes button in the Maintenance / Units screen at the top of the Services (PMs) tab.

In the screen shot below you will see that you can have Unit Specific Notes that can be inherited from the Service General and Safety Notes.  The notes screen is actually a rich text editor.  To open the full editor, right click on the notes screen for a pop-up menu of options.  The notes field can contain fonts, colors, bullets and even graphics.

Maintenance / Units / Service Notes Screen Shot