How are parts used and inventory adjusted in ExpressMaintenance?

Answer: ExpressMaintenance manages parts inventory including the usage and receiving of parts.  This process is generally referred to as “parts inventory management.”  In addition you can associate parts with specific units for future reference.  This is explained below under “parts / unit association.”

Parts Inventory Management

Parts inventory is automatically adjusted up or down in ExpressMaintenance by two aspects of the program.  Parts inventory is increased when Parts / Receiving records are entered and posted.  Parts inventory is decreased when parts are consumed (used) in a Maintenance / Work Order record by including the items in the lower parts section of the work order.  You can use the Parts / Inventory screen to quickly view all parts activity from receiving records and work orders in one convenient screen.

Parts / Unit Association

In the parts records you can associate parts with one or more units.  This does not mean the part is on the unit or consumed by the unit but rather that it is available for or associated with a unit.  You can associate parts with units in the Parts screen under the Units tab.  Likewise, that same data is available from the Units screen under the Parts tab.  The help topic Maintenance / Units – Parts is helpful in this area.  From either screen mentioned above, simply select the part or unit to associate with the item.  You can associate unlimited parts / units by entering a separate record for each association.