Do I need to purchase the full Microsoft SQL Server?

Answer: Express Technology software utilizes the Microsoft SQL Server database engine. Microsoft SQL Server is available in a free “Express” edition as well as the full edition. The Express edition has two limitations: 1. It does not include tools for managing and extending your database and 2. The databases have a size limitation of 4 Gigabytes.

For most clients, the two limitations do not present a problem.  Four gigabytes is a lot of data.  However, you may wish to purchase the full version of Microsoft SQL Server if you have a really  large amount of maintenance data and equipment with photos or you wish to create additional database tables and fields for other uses.  You can make the upgrade at anytime in the future.

Installing – You can start with the free version and later upgrade to the full version of Microsoft SQL Server.  Upon installing SQL Server, the existing database will be retained and completely functioning.

Licensing – If you decide to purchase SQL Server, you must purchase a sufficient number of client access licenses (cals) for the number of expected concurrent users.

Version – ExpressMaintenance and ExpressRequest work with all editions of Microsoft SQL Server. We recommend using the latest edition if possible.  If you plan to do Enterprise wide web interaction you might consider purchasing the Enterprise edition.  Visit the MS SQL Server home page.

Operating System – We recommend using Microsoft Windows Professional Editions or Server editions if you plan to do web hosting or terminal services.  Windows Server is substantially more expensive and you must then purchase client access licenses as well.  SQL Server runs excellent under the Professional Editions and client access licensing is not required.

Purchasing – We have found excellent  pricing on Microsoft SQL Server from CDW.  You can visit the CDW website for more information.