How do you use Barcode Devices?

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    What kind of scanner do you offer with your barcode scanning program?



    Barcode devices come in many different form factors including smart phones. They can be hard wired to the network’s database/software as with EM, or they may utilize the plant’s wifi system.



    Also, wifi barcode scanners are normally wireless and therefore have great portability, thus eliminating the need for many wired scanners at every station.

    Using the scanner is fairly straight forward. You simply verify the scanner is on and communicating with the network and then aim the scanner at the desired barcoded product. The information is entered into the required database fields and the transaction is completed.



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    Hmmm… That sounds more like the program my buddy was in. I will check it out.

    At this point I am just curious but I remember how positive he was about the program and it stuck in my mind.

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