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A couple of weeks ago, I was on vacation and I decided to make a visit for an appointment with Leah. Leah and I had been planning for a couple of months on what would be a dream show for me. Leah reply to my post for a Dream Show that I posted back in December saying that she would be the perfect lady for me.

I thought I would arrive early on the night that I was to meet up with Leah so that I can be there in a timely matter. The staff was very courtesy to me. A couple of ladies came up to see me to see if things were okay and I explain the situation to both of ladies. I want to thank the staff for making me feel comfortable so I waited for the time to come.

Then, when Leah walked into the bar area from the back, I thought she looked very attractive, very classy, and very professional in my eyes. A great conversation took place in the bar; then, we decided to head back to her room.

In the room, Leah gave me an experience that I will always remember. She made my dream show a realty right down to the T including the music that was playing in the backgroud.. I was the show that I had in my minds. Leah knows how to make me feel special. I loved every minute that I was with her.

Right now, I am hoping to plan the next show for the future.

In the end, I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter.