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What do manufacturers expect from automation suppliers?

The key attributes automation suppliers should possess are to be flexible and responsive (76%) and to offer the best technical and sales support possible (71%). That was the finding of the Annual Manufacturing Report 2017, published by Hennik Research. Interestingly, little more than third (38%) of respondents thought it important that their supplier was a specialist or that it was even a recognised brand (9%). Similarly, issues such as stable pricing (31%), low overall cost of ownership (31%) and the global experience of the supplier (31%) were all less significant than the ability of the supplier to demonstrate great support and flexibility. This underscores the concern among manufacturers about (more…)

Apple announces US manufacturing investment

Posted on 4 May 2017 by Michael Cruickshank ‘The Manufacturer’ US electronics manufacturer Apple has today announced a new fund to invest in manufacturing in the United States. Announced by the company’s CEO Tim Cook, the fund will invest $1bn dollars in local manufacturing initiatives. As well, Cook said that the first company which they would invest some of this money into had already been chosen, though the company itself has not been named. He went on to say that Apple wanted to help set a new trend for companies returning manufacturing back to the US. “…we can be the ripple in the pond. Because if we can create (more…)