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Article: The Future of Manufacturing is Distributed

See original article: The Future of Manufacturing Smarter, more opinionated, and involved consumers  are driving the American economy.  Time is precious to them and experience is everything, which is causing brands to shuffle in response to their needs. Rapid advances in the manufacturing sector are making it possible to build out an on-demand distributed manufacturing platform that will allow for a more effective and iterative product development life cycle.  Paul Milgrom and John Roberts  forecast that increased technology adoption will lead to cheaper, faster, and more accessible manufacturing in turn driving the potential for increased product line diversity and turnaround. This is best seen in the proliferation of car models over the years. Read (more…)

Manufacturing and China: Volume 5

Offshoring/Onshoring and the South China Sea The history of Offshoring/Onshoring of jobs from/to America over the past two decades is now taking a turn toward a larger global perspective in which the On/Offshoring economic issue has now become but a piece of the history. The increasingly volatile political climate of China has seen a rise in Reshoring efforts by manufacturing companies who seek to  return production to the United States and more stable environments. Since the 1970’s and 1980’s China has been involved in confrontation with other nations in the area such as Vietnam over rights to fishing and exploration. That dispute between China and the other Asian nations (more…)