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Hope is the Word for 2017

  Hope is in the air for business owners again. After 8 long years of regulation, taxation, segregation, and decimation of our rights, opportunities, morals, and values the current administration is on the way out. As the election results were finalized I could feel hope in my spirit again and my soul leaped for joy that the time of leaderless non-direction was about to come to an end. As leadership author John Maxwell, has said, “Everything rises and falls on Leadership” and in my 60 years on the planet I have never lived through such a bleak period where leadership and political skill was this lacking in the leaders (more…)

Who Pays for Minimum Wage Mandates

Minimum Wage Hike Graphic   Who pays for Minimum Wage Mandates? The answer to that is: (Wait for it! Wait for it…) The tax payers of course! Ultimately all of society does, but it hurts the lower economic segment of our society the most. As Ronald Reagan quipped many years ago, the ten most frightening words are, “Hi, I’m from the government and I’m here to help!” Most all “solutions” implemented by our government for dealing with problems in our society turn out to be band aids to some other mess it has already created. So it is with minimum wage mandates. In the national election last month 4 (more…)