Field, Hope for 2017

Hope is the Word for 2017


Field, Hope for 2017

Hope is in the air for business owners again. After 8 long years of regulation, taxation, segregation, and decimation of our rights, opportunities, morals, and values the current administration is on the way out.

As the election results were finalized I could feel hope in my spirit again and my soul leaped for joy that the time of leaderless non-direction was about to come to an end. As leadership author John Maxwell, has said, “Everything rises and falls on Leadership” and in my 60 years on the planet I have never lived through such a bleak period where leadership and political skill was this lacking in the leaders of our nation.

Well it is over!!

With the new administration taking over in January I think we can expect to see some changes. I have read that the Obama administration had a total of 8 years of business experience that could be counted if you added it all up for his leadership team (cabinet and top appointments), and I have also read in the same article that the Trump Team has more than 200 years of business experience for the same positions. Regardless of the specific accuracy of these two extremes, business leadership is on the way.

What this tells me is that decisions are going to be made, the country will be run more like a business. I am looking for decisions that will roll back the senseless nanny-state and social engineering legislation and regulations, that the rule of law will apply to all and not just favored groups. That the United States will once again be/act as a capitalist nation leaving socialism behind for the Europeans to continue to wallow in. It will also mean that the role of the government will be to take care of its citizens first and end this era of globalization that has ruined our way of life and the security of nation, our borders, and our citizens.

Will I agree with everything the new administration will do, of course not? Will they make all the right decisions? Not going to happen. Will they have the people of the USA and their welfare as the first and foremost thoughts on their mind, I think so. Trump is not in it for the money, he has that and so do most of his leaders. I think they are in it to bring back the quality of life and the national sovereignty of the United States of America and I for one could not be happier.  Will they have Power, comes with the job, but if you look at as: Power + Leadership = Opportunity for Positive Change, I am for it!

So, I am hopeful, good leadership brings stability, it brings predictability, it will bring investment and with that will come business, jobs, profit and national pride. It will renew the human spirit and re-invigorate the people of our nation. If the train engine is pulling, the rest of the cars will roll down the track leading, pulling the rest of the world into a season of prosperity and growth that has been missing since the Eurozone was formed and socialism has crept into our political system and the minds of our citizens and nation.

Good leadership brings me hope and my hope is that it does it for you as well. Here’s to a hopeful 2017, bring it on!!